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Refinishing Process

We try to make the usually trying experience for remodeling VERY SIMPLE.

STEP 1 Take pictures of you project and either email to our website or text our main phone. Include your email is texting and your address and we will then move to:

Hand With Phone

STEP 2 We will email you an estimate with all the items listed separate for your consideration. If changes are needed, call or text and we will make any changes. After you are satisfied with estimate, Just click approved and we will schedule the job.

Builder Preparing Estimate For Home Improvement

Step 3 We will work with you to schedule the job and put the job on a schedule that will meet your requirements. You will receive notice when it is in our schedule and a reminder a few day before the date of the job. Our tech will text or call on the way.


Step 4 We arrive on day of job and prep the job and do the refinishing. Most jobs can be done in 1 to 2 days.

A Person Painting a Tile Wall

Step 5 We may schedule to come back and pull the paper that we could not do on the day of refinishing and schedule any follow ups to polish surfaces if needed.

Paper A

Step 6 Sometimes we will schedule to come back after 24 hours and polish come of the refinishing areas. Flat surfaces like vanities may need polishing after the cure time of 24 hours.

A Bathroom With a Sink and Toilet.

What to Expect


We recommend preparing for our arrival by clearing off the tub, countertop, and vanity to make the surface repair process as easy as possible. We will take over from there and handle all the necessary steps to prep and protect all surrounding areas. We also utilize an exhaust system to effectively remove as much dust and odor as possible.


Please allow at least 24 hours for proper drying and curing. During a refinishing or surface repair, some dry spray or surface roughness may occur, which is normal. Such effects should disappear within a few days of regular use and cleaning. Contact us if they persist, and we will polish the area. We’ll also list recommended cleaners and items to avoid using on the surface.